Mobile Devices

Smart phones, tablets, and other small computer devices are becoming more and more common. These devices often operate as miniature, fully functional computers. As such, they can contain a wealth of information, including: photographs, video files, emails, and text messages. While often times convenient, this can be problematic if the device is lost or stolen.
An example of this could be a stolen smart phone that had been configured to send/receive emails from an OSU email account. In this example, the thief could use the phone to send an email under the guise of the phone’s actual owner. This could be an inappropriate email to a co-worker or a superior.
Another example could be a stolen phone containing personal family photographs. In this example, the thief could post the pictures to an internet site without the owner’s consent.
What can I do to protect myself?
Users with smart phones and tablets should ensure their devices are secured using a security lock. These locks should require a special input prior to the phone being usable. Common examples are PIN combinations, passwords, and drawing patterns. If a device is secured in this manner, most thieves would need the proper PIN, password, or pattern to access the information stored on the device. Security lock features can vary based on device make and model, so users will need to check with their device manufactures for specific instructions.
Users who have configured their devices to connect to an OSU provided email account may also have the ability to remotely wipe any lost or stolen devices. For information related to remotely wiping wireless devices, please choose the most applicable scenario below.

  • OSU Staff and Faculty Members OSU staff and faculty members needing to remotely wipe a wireless device should log in to the official OSU Outlook WebApp. After logging in, users should click “Options” in the upper right, followed, by “See All Options…” From this screen, users should select “Phone”, then “Wipe Device”. This option may not be available for all devices.
  • OSU Students OSU student needing to remotely wipe a wireless device should contact the OSU IT Help Desk at (405)744-4357.