Security Awareness Training

Computers have become more and more integrated into everyday life. While these machines have generally improved our everyday lives, they can also be used against us in malicious ways. Uneducated users can unintentionally compromise their digital identity, and risk falling victim to cyber criminals. As time goes by, these attacks will continue to change and evolve. This dynamic situation makes regular training even more important.

In order to foster a more complete understanding of computer security techniques, the OSU Information Security Office recommends users receive regular computer security training. These training programs are continually updated to address the ever changing issues faced in the digital era. Currently, OSU Information Security offers monthly training opportunities through the OSU Human Resources Employee Training website.

Security Awareness Training
This course is designed to provide a foundation of common computer security practices. Key topics include:  Antivirus Programs, Strong Password Creation, Internet Safety Tips, and Data Destruction. Several federal guidelines, including HIPAA, FERPA, and GLB, are also discussed.

Employees wishing to attend this course may enroll using the OSU Human Resources Training website.

Specific Training Presentations
The OSU Information Security Office can also provide specific computer security training for OSU Departments. These presentations can be tailored for specific computer security concerns faced by OSU departments. Examples of topics include: Identity Security, Antivirus/Malware Detection/Removal, Intellectual Property Rights, and Encryption Solutions. If your department is interested in receiving a specific training program; please contact Aaron Smith ( to discuss the potential training material and dates.